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February Newsletter: A Slice of APIE

Feb 2

It has been an exciting start to the New Year here at APIE! We’ve launched our STEM Discoveries Program, trained more Math Classroom Coaches and Mentors, prepared more students to become college ready, and even participated in the Austin Marathon. We are looking forward to an incredible spring semester!

Quick Bites of APIE | Tips for Mentoring Success

Build Trust – Make sure your student knows you care about what he/she thinks and feels.
Encourage – Focus on the positive and on doing things with rather than for your student. Share your own experiences to help him/her make decisions.
Listen – Listen twice as much as you speak, and reflect back on what you hear from your student.
Be Reliable – Set expectations you can live up to. Be consistent and persistent by living up to your commitments.

APIE in the Classroom | Our Program Evaluation Results

Jan pic newsletter 3

Math Classroom Coaching – Covington MS

Ringing in the New Year… with Results!  In focus group discussions conducted this past fall, we heard several volunteers asking if their volunteering efforts made a difference for the students.  I’m happy to report that the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!”

Each year, APIE participates in a program evaluation process with Austin ISD’s Department of Research and Evaluation experts.  In summary, we once again have evidence of the difference our programs make for students! Here are a few of my favorite data points from the last year’s report.

Math Classroom Coaching

  • 88% of APIE students said they are better at math because of their Classroom Coach.
  • APIE students’ academic self-confidence improved significantly for the 5th consecutive year.
  • APIE students outperformed a matched comparison group on the 8th grade Math STAAR test.

College Readiness

  • APIE students outperformed a matched comparison group in meeting College Readiness standards in English Language Arts, math, and both subjects.
  • APIE students completed the FAFSA & Apply Texas applications at significantly higher rates than a matched comparison group.
  • 97% of APIE students said they know the importance of being college ready and continuing their education after high school.

Click HERE for our full Annual Report.

Volunteer Spotlight | Dorcas Moore

Dorcas Moore

Dorcas Moore – APIE Volunteer

Dorcas Moore has been a volunteer with APIE since 2004! She’s been a Mentor and Classroom Coach throughout her many years with us. Currently, she is a Mentor at Blackshear Elementary School and has been with the same student for the past two years. She believes mentoring can empower students in many ways.

Why did you become a mentor?

When I was young I had a mentor, and I know how important it is. I believe having a mentor can empower the mentee to understand their abilities, make a decision, and have confidence.

What activities do you do with your mentee?  

We do a lot of different activities! For example, in October we made Halloween shirts together.

I’ve talked to all my mentees throughout the years about so many things, such as college, work, grades, and what they’re interested in. I always tell my mentees it’s okay to get good grades. Sometimes they get made fun of for getting good grades, and it’s cooler to slack off. I stress the importance of good grades and how it will help them down the road.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a mentor?

In the beginning, it is hard to get the student comfortable with you. I start by getting to know them and what they like. Usually by Christmas, they really start to warm up. After the break, they want you to come back and are excited you are there again.

What change have you seen in yourself since you’ve become a mentor?

I’ve learned to relax and not be so stiff. I want to be relaxed and in touch with the student to make it quality time.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a mentor?

It’s a rewarding experience. You are enabling a student to become a better person down the road.

Donor Spotlight | IBM

IBM Newsletter

IBM Volunteers – Burnet MS

IBM has been a valued partner of APIE since 2005, providing many talented Math Classroom Coaches to our students at Burnet and Webb middle schools as well as generous financial support.

The long term dedication of the IBM Classroom Coaches has transformed students. They encourage their coworkers to get involved and are able to connect students to concepts with real world, tangible examples, igniting student enthusiasm and self-confidence.   As the company says, “We think that the motivated/compassionate/intelligent IBMer is our best asset.”

IBM is a global company and seeks the best talent from across the world.  At the same time, the company is dedicated to helping “grow our own” locally.  One of IBM’s values is “Innovation that matters: for our company and for the world.”  The can-do IBMers who help create new technology are also putting their energies into helping Austin ISD students aspire to unlimited opportunities, perhaps even someday at IBM!

APIE in the Community | Austin Marathon

Thank you for being part of Austin Partners In Education’s 2018 Austin Marathon team – we had an awesome event because of YOU!

Our team of 28 runners, 61 volunteers, and 92 donors gave their time, talent and funds to support Austin students.  We covered many miles, hydrated thousands of runners, and raised nearly $30,000 for our Mentoring, Math Classroom Coaching, and College Readiness Programs that serve 2,000 students who need us most.

You helped make these wonderful things happen and we are truly grateful.

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