Student Learning Styles — VARK Model

Did you know that there are several categories of learning styles? By understanding your student’s learning style, you can figure out which teaching strategies will be most effective when helping them understand and retain new information.

Neil Fleming’s famous VARK model categorizes learners under four different learning styles: visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

Visual Learners:

These students learn best when lessons use visual images. They like to look at and observe objects and pictures. Do you normally have a picture in mind when you are trying to remember something? This is one characteristic of a visual learner.

Auditory Learners:

Are you a good listener? Auditory learners prefer to have lessons presented in lecture form. The best teaching strategy for these students is to present new information to them out loud…even if that means making up a song.

Reading and Writing Learners:

For some students, reading a textbook is the best way to learn new material. Reading and writing learners aren’t always bookworms, but they do prefer to have information available in a written form. Writers enjoy taking notes and making lists during class. Having handouts available for these students can be very helpful.

Kinesthetic Learners:

Do you prefer a more hands-on approach? You may be a kinesthetic learner. These students are active learners who like to touch objects because they learn by doing.  It’s helpful when they can move around during the lesson.

It can be difficult for teachers to accommodate the learning style of each student in their classrooms. This is why studying outside of class is important, and tutoring can help! APIE’s curriculum incorporates written material, games, auditory exercises, and pictures. Our coaches support teachers by helping students discover the most effective learning strategies.

Candace McCray, Development Intern


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4 responses to “Student Learning Styles — VARK Model”

  1. kathryn says :

    I do agree teaching outside the classroom is important…

  2. Melissa M. says :

    The Student Learning Styles article is a great article. That is very true that everyone learn in different ways. It’s just amazing how we learn differently to retain the same information.

  3. Bruce Coston says :

    Very insightful and informative. I prefer to learn my information from textbooks myself. Great article.

  4. Karen Logan says :

    As a homeschool mom of three, I found this article very useful. Even at young ages, my kids all have their own learning style, and it’s helpful to know the different categories. Up until now, I’ve been trying to teach them all the same way (it’s easier for me), but seeing your breakdown helps me to realize they have a better chance of reaching their potential when they’re taught to their particular learning style. Myself, I’m a textbook learner. Give me a book of words (no pictures needed) and I can learn anything! Thanks for writing this!

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