A Growing Demand for APIE

Austin Partners in EducationAPIE offers innovative volunteer-driven programs in reading and math with a focus on economically disadvantaged students at AISD’s Title I schools.

We strive to provide every student with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and tenacity to graduate from high school and succeed in college and career. So much of what our programs accomplish is due to our partners and to our volunteers. In 2012-13, more than 1,800 wonderful and dedicated volunteers forged relationships with 3,300 students, helping each one grow both academically and personally.

Why we need you. And you. And maybe a few of your friends.

Since 2004, our organization and programs have grown steadily and are reaching capacity based on current resources. Historically, we have worked with AISD to select schools and classrooms that would benefit from our programs. But beginning this year, we invited schools to apply for our services.

As a result of this process, APIE received applications from all currently participating schools as well as 10 new elementary schools, 4 new middle schools, and 3 new high schools. If we are able to serve all of these applicants, APIE volunteers would support nearly 5,000 students at 43 schools.

In the words of our executive director, Cathy Jones, we are honored by the extent to which our programs have been embraced. But as pleased as we are to have such demand, we are still working to secure the financial means through grants and individual contributions to meet it.

Given the unprecedented increase in demand, we find ourselves in need of a little help from our friends, our volunteers.

Won’t you help us spread the word? Share your APIE stories about the kids we’re empowering to succeed.

Volunteer this fall; donate today. Help us help as many students as we can.  


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About Austin Partners in Education

Austin Partners in Education is a non-profit organization that provides innovative programs to improve student academic performance.

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