JPMorgan Chase Foundation Supports College Readiness with $100,000 Grant

We are pleased to announce that JPMorgan Chase Foundation has awarded Austin Partners in Education a $100,000 grant to fund our College Readiness Program. The Foundation support boosts our efforts to prepare a highly-educated workforce, and to move closer to the goal of all high school students graduating College Ready.

College Readiness is an in-school program that identifies, informs, advises, and tutors high school seniors who have achieved high enough test scores to be considered graduation ready, but not high enough to be College Ready according to the Texas Success Initiative. The program teams Austin Partners in Education (APIE) staff with Austin ISD staff.

This grant is just one example of JPMorgan Chase Foundation’s community building across the U.S.

The Foundation has a history of funding projects in community development; youth education; and arts and culture. They are particularly interested in funding these initiatives in low-income areas. Austin Partners in Education programs serve an audience of more than 80 percent economically disadvantaged.

To learn more about JPMorgan Chase Foundation initiatives please see the Community Partnership page of the JPMorgan Chase website. To learn more about the program being funded see our new Donor News page.

From all of us and the students we serve, thank you JPMorgan Chase Foundation!


About Austin Partners in Education

Austin Partners in Education is a non-profit organization that provides innovative programs to improve student academic performance.

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