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Meet Jack and Frankie!

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with a very special mentor and student at Oak Springs Elementary. Jack Goodman is a retired civil engineer who joined the mentor program in October of 2007. He was matched with Frankie, a bright 5th grade student who was interested in design as well. Read More…

"the silent epidemic"

Check out this great article in the Huffington Post about the cost of dropping out: A Scandal More Shameful than AIG and Just as Costly for Taxpayers.

happy april birthdays!

I am always being asked questions like “Am I too old to be a mentor?” My answer is always “Absolutely not!” but I was never sure how old the averge mentor is. So recently, I ran some statistics on our current mentors and was very pleased to see that the results supported my response.

42% of mentors are under the age of 30
50% of mentors are between the ages of 31 and 60
There are more mentors over 60 (8%) than under 20 (3%)

Our current mentors span 4 generations with many mentors starting at the age of 18 and some of our most experienced mentors continuing into their late 80’s.

We would just like to say “Happy Birthday!” to all of our mentors that were born in April. If you see any of your fellow mentors on this list, make sure to wish them well on their special day.

I would also like to send a special birthday wish to two Austin Partners in Education staff members who celebrated their birthdays last week: Jannette McLaughlin, Companeros en Lectura Program Manager and Kathrin Brewer, Executive Director.

* Note: Below are the dates of the mentors’ birthdays. These are not their ages 🙂

2Sarah Tambunga, Kealing Middle School
Steven Ross, Galindo Elementary

3 – Barbara Hilliard, Webb Middle School
Jacquelyn George, McBee Elementary

4 – Bruce Thompson, Oak Springs Elementary
Colleen Bowens, Wooten Elementary
Danielle Prado, Travis High School
Georgia Henwood, Reilly Elementary
Lauren Kelner, Pecan Springs Elementary
Stacy Bain, Becker Elementary
Stefanie Boyle, Doss Elementary

5 – Alexander Yeagley, Maplewood Elementary
Phil Crabtree, Eastside Memorial High School

6 – Chad Rabello, Travis High School
Emory Sweeney, Maplewood Elementary
Liz Coit, Mathews Elementary

7 – Benny Hawkins, Allison Elementary
Margarita Reyna, Ann Richards School

8 – Abigail Cain, Ann Richards School
Amber Finley, Maplewood Elementary

Janette More, Wooten Elementary
Otha Graham, Bedichek Middle School
Patricia Valdez, Becker Elementary

9 – Charles Grimm, Akins High School
Yolanda Castro, Allison Elementary

10 – April Henson, Maplewood Elementary
Pat Littleton, Murchison Middle School

11 – Ernest Henry, Campbell Elementary
Haotian Lee, Maplewood Elementary
Michael Bedard, Lee Elementary
Ping-Feng Liu, Maplewood Elementary
Vanessa Lowery, Winn Elementary

12 – David Gutman, Wooten Elementary
Muhammad Khan, Ridgetop Elementary

13Kaitlyn Swan, Maplewood Elementary
Ron Collins, Blackshear Elementary

14 – Esther Odamah, O. Henry Middle School

15 – Brittney Glenn, Kealing Middle School
Irma Zavaleta-Castillo, Winn Elementary
Rosario Franco, Ann Richards School

16 – Barbara Grover, Becker Elementary

18Katie Arens, Becker Elementary
Nathan Jones, Graham Elementary

19 – Emily Abbink, Brooke Elementary

21 – Tencha Rodriguez, Allan Elementary

22 – Brie Franco, Eastside Memorial High School – GAHCC Advisor Project
Chuck Gates, Metz Elementary
James Klod, Winn Elementary
Mellisa Jordan, Wooldridge Elementary

23 – Brian Bowser, Burnet Middle School
Emily Green, Wooldridge Elementary

Jae Knowlton, Winn Elementary
Jesus Trevino, Linder Elementary

24 – Diane Hayes, Webb Middle School
Nancy Edwards, Maplewood Elementary

25 – Archie Barrett, Wooten Elementary
Debra Craig, Becker Elementary
Jennifer Boerner, O. Henry Middle School
Rohini Kumarage, Dawson Elementary

26 – Abigial Reder, Wooldridge Elementary

27 – Annie Baker, Wooldridge Elementary

28 – Celeste Cantu, Blazier Elementary
Charles Newell, Brown Elementary
Ethan Peters, Kealing Middle School
Jeremy Jacobs, International High School
Muriyd Franklin, Pease Elementary
Rachel Nicholson, Wooldridge Elementary

29 – Angel Bujanda, McBee Elementary

30 – Bruce Fisher, Campbell Elementary
Warren Moore, Pease Elementary